Saturday, 23 January 2016

Oh Sew Fabulous

Hello again!

Sorry for the brief hiatus, my life has recently been taken over by exams and essays! But now that I am so very almost free (and whilst we all wait for the new theatre season to start again), I will share with you a few projects I have started which I hope to get back to before work overwhelms me once again.

Back in the summer, I started sewing little plush dolls as a project to keep me from going completely crazy. My mum taught me how to sew when I was very young and since then I’ve only ever sewn if a piece of clothing needed a bit of alteration done to it. These dolls were my first proper BIG project I’d completed and I’ve just kind of kept going with it, although without the help of a sewing machine (I hope to get one soon!). A couple of years ago, I went to Comic Con with my friend and we saw these plush dolls of pop culture figures, which were totally cool but pretty expensive! A year later, the idea popped into my head that I could make her a Harley Quinn plushie (she loves Harley Quinn!) for her birthday at a fraction of the cost. So I did my research, bought my materials, made a pattern, made a trial run out of an old pillowcase and then actually started making her. All in all she took about two weeks to make, giving me plenty of time to send her off to my friend who (I hope!) was pretty happy with Little Miss Harley Quinn!
Little Miss Harley Quinn

So that’s the story of how I got into sewing again and since then my collection of sewing paraphernalia has grown (sans sewing machine) and I started work on a plushie of Jon Snow, who has been regularly mistaken for Jesus. He’s taken me a little bit longer to complete, considering I started him back in Freshers’ Week and I haven’t had the time to pick him back up since, but now is that time! He’s mostly complete, just missing his cloak and Ghost, so I’m hoping that won’t take too much longer to do. I’m not sure where he’ll go once he’s finished but for the moment I think I’ll keep him on my desk and he can just chill with his very dour expression. As for my next projects, I think the Fellowship of the Ring is next on the list! I’m not really sure where all of this is going but it’s become my hobby, which is nice because I’m not a hobby kind of person! I hope that one day (once I buy a sewing machine) I can actually start making clothes and costumes and things like that, but, for the moment, sewing plush characters to stave off mental exhaustion is enough for me.  
Jon Snow knows nothing because his brain is literally toy stuffing! 

Everything I need to sew!

Thanks for reading and check back here very soon for some more theatre exploits!

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